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Calling on our Public Reps & GE20 Candidates to show support.

Following our first committee meeting for 2020 NFPC passed a motion that calls on our Public Representatives and Candidates in the forthcoming General Election to state their position on our campaign.

The matter arose due to Swords Based Councillor Brigid Manton calling for a swimming pool for Swords. Motion from Councillor Brigid Manton: Swimming Pool for Swords. AI051223 (7)

We need your help.

We need our supporters to help keep our campaign for a publicly available Swimming Pool firmly on the agenda and ask you to call on your public representative to respond to our request.

They will soon be coming to your doors seeking your vote in the upcoming General Election, please ensure to ask them to support our campaign and submit their endorsement.

The below request has been sent to our current TD's, Councillors and Senators.

Dear *NAME*

Happy New Year, North Fingal Pool Committee held their first meeting of 2020 this week and one of the resolutions agreed is to reach out to all our public representatives seeking their public support for our Campaign. I would be very grateful if you would respond to the 3 questions below.

Our recently launched website has attracted huge support with several hundred already signing up for news and updates. Our newly published Questionaire has also generated a big interest and some valuable data from the public on the type of facility they require.

We propose to publish a testimonial page on the website featuring our key supporters to include a brief statement in relation to our campaign. We are actively reaching out to Public representatives, Community Leaders, Business People and relative individuals and groups. Also in the lead up to a possible General Election in 2020 we will also be contacting candidates. 

1)  Do you support the need for a Publicly available Swimming Pool in North Fingal?

2) Do you agree the location of the pool should be within a 15k radius of Balbriggan?

3) In your own words can you provide a statement in relation to your support for a Swimming Pool in North Fingal?

Click here to complete your responses or simply reply to this email with your response. 

Kind Regards

North Fingal Pool Committee



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