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Pool Survey Review

We have had a brilliant response to our first survey. Over 500 took part in a couple of weeks, revealing some really interesting results. Of course we want to have a much larger participation and it has always been our plan to add new surveys or extend this one.

Before we get into the details, I want to explain what we want to achieve with the survey. We had a section to add an email address. We don't plan to use that for anything other than as an identifier, so that as we evolve our survey, or if you change your opinion, you can re-take the survey, with only the last answers held on record associated with your email. Having the opinions of real people that live locally means FCC cannot ignore it. We want a public swimming pool, so the questions are not a wish list, they are what you believe is possible from a public pool to meet your swimming needs.

Let's get onto the survey. The message on the length of the pool has been received loud and clear. We do NOT want any old pool. We want a proper pool at least 25m. Similarly a narrow pool is not something people would be happy with and want at least 6 lanes. In terms of depth, the results were not too surprising, with 1m depth at the shallow end, and at least 1.8m for the deep end.

A huge number of participants, wanted a variable floor for the deep end, which we felt was very interesting, and thus we will modify / extend the survey around that question to understand the answers more.

Diving boards, appear to be a bit like Bovril. You really want one or you really don't. There was a clear split with this. Circa 200 participants did not want any diving boards and a similar number wanting both. The other 100 wanted a low-level board, but not a high one.

Almost a clean sweep that people wanted a separate paddling pool. A significant majority wanted additional play features, so again we will expand that question to ensure we capture the request accurately. Lastly we had a question about a perpetual pool, and we have many comments that they did not fully understand what we meant. We are taking on board areas where people may not have fully understood the features and will create some information about them for perusal.



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