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Recap so far :(

We all know that Balbriggan has the youngest population in the State (*).

We all know that Balbriggan is the fastest growing town in the country (*).

So, are you able to tell me how many facilities we have for a child who is not affiliated to a club? Shocking, isn’t it?

Now and again, time and time again, the same issue emerges. Fingal County Council has NOT ONE municipal swimming pool, while in total Ireland has around 100 (*).

In the meantime, there was a missed opportunity for the councillors to vote for a motion to transfer some surplus into a fund for the purpose of municipal swimming pool facilities for Fingal (*). WHY?

Back in 2019, following the public demands in “Our Balbriggan” consultations, Fingal committed to deliver a pool (*). Feasibility studies and everything needed is already done.

North Fingal Pool campaign submitted a local survey from all schools in North Fingal, with a staggering support for the pool (*)

“Our Balbrigan” sat down early last month with some local students, to hear about their concerns and their thoughts and ideas on the Town’s Rejuvenation Plan! (*). Here we have the support again.

What more do we have to do? Why doesn’t Fingal have AT LEAST one public swimming pool? What are they waiting for? A campaign to make a public swimming pool a reality for North Fingal

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