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Swimming pool in Balbriggan moves step closer - Cllr Tom O'Leary

Source: was contacted late last night by Balbriggan LEA Councillor Tom O'Leary following the conclusion of a meeting of Fingal County Council. Councillors approved Fingal County Council's three-year Capital Programme worth €1.35 billion.

"Swimming pool in Balbriggan moves step closer", Cllr O'Leary told "Full steam ahead at castlelands. Moves to next stage"

In response to a motion, The Council replied:

"in recognition of the identification of a site in Castlelands, Balbriggan for the provision of an indoor swimming pool in the Castlelands Masterplan in 2021"

"has commenced a project to develop an indoor swimming pool facility on this site."

"This comprehensive piece of work is at an early stage and the project will be subject to obtaining the necessary planning consents and securing the required funding."

"It is anticipated that the Council will commence the procurement of a design and project management consultant in the coming months to inform this project"

"And an important part of this process will be consultation and liaison with key stakeholders including the community, Elected Representatives, Department of Sport, Swim Ireland and the LDA."

"The latter organisation is developing infrastructure and housing at the Castlelands site and the plan to develop the swimming pool would be integrated with the development of housing and amenities on the lands."

"The cost of feasibility study, business planning and design assessments for the development of an indoor swimming pool facility at Castlelands, Balbriggan will be included in the Council’s 2024 - 2026 capital plan."

"That’s excellent news." Cllr O'Leary told us. "I questioned the chief executive at the meeting this evening and she said the option was there to have money allocated to the project when we review the capital plan again."

Fingal County Council will have the various reviews/ auidits/ government reports and hopefully the consultants report referenced above. The government report will be important as it may open up funding options along with levies etc.

Its a parallel process and is common practice in order to get a project moving and off the ground pending other reports. Ie ready to go when the reports are finalised.


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