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Plan for Balbriggan Public Swimming Pool gathers momentum

Press Release March 9th 2021

Fingal County Council (FCC) met North Fingal Pool Committee (NFPC) last Wednesday 24 February to discuss the progress of the proposed swimming pool in North Fingal, where FCC reiterated its initial provisional commitment to build a public swimming pool in Balbriggan. AnnMarie Farrelly (FCC Chief Executive), along with other members from FCC, explained that while no deadlines have been set, the estimated project timeline would be 3 to 5 years to completion. A budget also needs to be allocated, which at this point is not part of the ‘Our Balbriggan fund’, but Fingal County Council strongly believes that it is in Balbriggan’s best interest to have a public swimming pool built in this area. A possible site in Castlelands has been identified for this purpose and construction would commence once the area is secured and other logistics are meet.

This site will have development in the near future as part of the Castlelands Master Plan and is intended to be fully serviced for amenity purposes. A necessary feasibility study for this pool, which started early 2018, should be available early March, and results will be shared with the North Fingal Committee in the coming weeks. North Fingal Committee was founded in 2018, and it’s goal is to make a public swimming pool a reality for North Fingal, with the support from Balbriggan and surrounding 2 areas and from the local TDs and Councilors. The Committee would like to thank everyone involved for their continued support on our goal and who have made a positive impact on the campaign to deliver a public swimming pool for North Fingal. The Committee will continue to work towards this goal and has already secured a follow up meeting with FCC over the next couple of months. For more information and further updates:



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