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We are a step closer to our indoor swimming pool

After promises and more promises, and nothing tangible for so many years, Fingal County Council (FCC) in its last meeting voted on a proposal for a new feasibility study.

Five years ago, we published a post that FCC was undertaking a feasibility study to "establish the need" for a swimming pool in the area ( That study was finished early 2021 where it stated: “Balbriggan and Skerries are coastal settlements and would benefit from additional water-based facilities, additionally, at present there is no indoor swimming facilities." (

A site was then identified in Castlelands ( but for a long time little seemed to have moved. North Fingal Pool campaign maintained regular contacts with both Cllrs and FCC over the years, to bring the public swimming pool to this North Fingal area.

The good news is that FCC have agreed to fund another feasibility study just for one specific location, to assess what is required and the how, where and when. The big news is this is a step in the right direction, as the original study established the need that all towns could benefit from a swimming pool. This study is to pin-point Balbriggan in particular: "Swimming pool facilities are required in this LEA and this may be provided in Balbriggan through the Castlelands Masterplan."

Cllr Brendan Ryan said: “it was confirmed that the amount budgeted for a feasibility study for a swimming pool next year relates to Castlelands only and not countywide.” Councillors approved Fingal County Council's three-year Capital Programme worth €1.35 billion.

Cllr Tom O’Leary as well commented: "Swimming pool in Balbriggan moves step closer”, and "It is anticipated that the Council will commence the procurement of a design and project management consultant in the coming months to inform this project"

Please check our website news section, where you can find more information about the campaign and where we can keep you updated with the latest developments.



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